Some of our authors

Corinne Litzenberg Schultheis is an author in North East, Maryland.  She is the niece of local Chesapeake carver, Robert (Bob) Litzenberg.  Corinne has written several childrens’ books about the bay.  One book is based on her life visiting uncle Bob’s house growing up.  She has also written the Sand Lady about Cape May, NJ., her favorite vacation spot.

Stephen England lives in Rising Sun, MD-Author of four books that are in our store.  All autographed by Stephen.  Most of Stephen’s books are international thrillers, holding you onto the edge of your seat.  He has many friends in capacities in the government to review and ensure that his plots are realistic

1-a-stephen-englandBruce Mowday lives in Downingtown, PA. Bruce has written books about the Johnson Brothers (that band of criminals that plagued several counties in the 70s, killing police in Avondale and their own family members.  He has also written local history books on the area.  Bruce autographs the books that we carry and does book signings at the shop.